You have a choice. You can go to a studio where you are one of many customers that have a certain timeframe to work in and RUSH RUSH RUSH, or you can be the only session of the day where we take time with you and treat you special.

We pride ourselves in appreciating and respecting each client. Time and time again we hear people say that they were not treated nicely at a photography session. We can't imagine not greeting you with a smile and getting to know you before your session. We want you to feel comfortable and have an enjoyable experience. If for any reason you don't, whether it be a crying child or not feeling well, we'd like to reschedule a more convenient time for you so that you don't walk away unhappy.

Newborns are beautiful in their own skin. We know you'll be happy with the sweet little images we get of your new baby, from all of their kissable body parts that you never want to forget to the sweet little outfits and keepsakes you want to remember for a lifetime.

Children are adorable in anything. Little boys can wear rolled up jeans with no shirts to smart little casual wear with hats and accessories. Simple and solids are the best but if you let them pick out their outfits, they'll be happier showing it off in the sessions. Girls have a wide variety of options from wild and crazy colors to sassy outfits that can make their little faces shine. Accessories are a MUST!
Families must be a little more organized. Pay close attention to solids and matching shades. There's nothing you would be more unhappy about later than to see yourself in stripes, dad in checks, sis in prints, and brother in worded shirts. The viewer of your portraits would be looking at the chaos of your clothing and not at your beautiful faces. Stick with blacks, browns, reds, blues. Experiment with the girls wearing similar clothing and the boys wearing similar. Don't forget similar shoes if possible. Ask Debbie if you doubt your own ideas.

Seniors should bring 5-6 outfits, including fun, funky, dressy, casual, colorful, solid, black and white, accessories (hats, gloves, scarves, coats, jackets,) Bring your STUFF (sports equipment, musical instruments, keepsakes, hobbies, purses, shoes, jewelry, dog, friend or WHATEVER). It's all about YOU and when will it be this way again? Have fun with your senior portraits.